How long does it take to construct a Desjoyaux swimming pool from scratch?

Depending on the pool size and site condition. It can take as little as 2 weeks for your pool to be ready to swim in.

How much does a Desjoyaux swimming pool cost from excavation to completion?

Expect to budget from RM80K onwards. (*site condition to the size of pool)

What is the difference between a Desjoyaux pool and a conventional pool?

Besides our fast construction process, there is no piping and no pump room. We also include a 10-year international warranty and the pool can be upgraded to the Hydrotherapy and cross current swimming system.

What is the ideal swimming pool size?

Depending on your garden space and concept, the most popular size for a bungalow house is around 8 x4metres.

Where will the pump room be located?

There is no pump room required for Desjoyaux swimming pool; most of our swimming pools have just 1 (non-attached) overflow pipe to the drain.

How do I prevent pool tiles from falling?

Desjoyaux Swimming pools use a reinforced liner as opposed to tiles. The liner is waterproof insured for10years and comes with an international warranty covered by the insurance company on the material and all joints done by us.

Is it necessary to engage a pool cleaner and how much will this cost?

No, if you have some spare time and put a little effort as even a teenager can handle it easily. However, if you are too busy to maintain your pool, we are more than pleased to do the cleaning. The price starts from RM200 onwards.

What do I do if my swimming pool starts leaking?

We can repair conventional swimming pools using our reinforced liner and filtration system.

How long I need to drain out the pool water?

Desjoyaux swimming pools do not require you to change the water. When necessary you might renew one 1/2 of pool water once every 2 years.